Community Support

From time to time the clinic support local charities. Our 2019 charity was Caitlin’s Retreat, see below for details:

Thank you very much for your generous donation of $103.25 in support of Caitlin’s Retreat for the Caitlin’s Retreat.
Where does the money go?
Caitlin’s Retreat it is a beautiful property on the outskirts of Melbourne, which gives families of Special Needs Children the opportunity to getaway & enjoy a much needed break together as a family.

Catering to the needs of Special Needs Children, Caitlin’s Retreat is offered without charge for four nights. Operating wholly on our fundraising endeavours and the support from the local community.

Caitlin’s Retreat is specifically intended only for those families who have a child whose severe physical and/or intellectual disability precludes them accessing alternative holiday venues or facilities
How will the funds be used?
At Caitlin’s Retreat we have a number of projects that need your support. These exciting projects with your help will enable the children to get closer to nature & enjoy the surroundings of the property.
• Outside enclosed decking
• Vegetable garden- proposed wheelchair access
• Enclosed sandpit area- proposed wheelchair access
• Caitlin’s Retreat Boarders The Yarra River- Upgraded Fences are proposed
• Caitlin’s Retreat gardens nature walk & picnic area
• Wheel chair access around Caitlin’s Retreat for the children to experience nature with their families
• Barn & animal pens
• Tennis Court


Thank you to all that have donated during a visit to the clinic.