111 Sherbourne Road
Montmorency 3094

Phone: 9435 1144
Fax: 9432 8687

Please note that the email address supplied is an administration email address only. This email address is not read on a daily basis.

This clinic regularly communicates with its patients via a SMS text message to a mobile phone or via email. If you do not wish to be contacted in this manner please ‘OPT OUT’ by letting the reception team know.

Should you require after hours assistance please call our Locum Service on 9429 5677.

Please do not use this email for discussion with doctors, requests or medical queries and emergencies. You should contact the reception team on 9435 1144.

Under no circumstances will medical advice be supplied through this email address, and doctors will not respond to your emails personally.

The clinic has a designated results time. Phone our nurses between the hours of 2pm and 3pm Monday to Friday to obtain your results or make an appointment with your regular doctor.

You can also book appointments online through HealthSite. This service is available for the majority of our doctors.

It is our clinic’s policy is that any appointment that cannot be attended by a patient must be cancelled in advance to avoid the appointment going to waste. This is to enable the appointment time to be offered to other patients in need. If the clinic is not notified then the patient is charged a no show fee.

If you book online and you don’t attend for your appointment, you will be charged.

To book online, click Here.